Thursday, 11 August 2011

Weighing Fate by Chantal Boudreau

How would you live your life if you thought that every good event that happened was measured out by a bad event? This is the intriguing question asked by Chantal Boudreau in Weighing Fate. Karma would become a curse surely sucking all the joy from life and leaving only dread and unhappiness. You’d actually come to enjoy the bad events knowing that perhaps shortly things would turn upwards.

We see the story’s heroine Adella trying to regulate and balance all aspects of her life. When a colleague makes what seems to be a harmless gesture of kindness it could have disastrous consequences for Adella.

An interesting short story and a story you will be able to finish in a single sitting. I enjoyed this tale, it was a nice easy read. Boudreau left me thinking about fate and karma for a while after I finished the story. Some fiction is more than the sum of its parts and has a deeper effect on you than you might expect. This is one of those stories. An enjoyable and though provoking read.

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