Monday, 8 August 2011

Reprisal: Making Plans, Making Memories by Sam Lang

A small town Police Chief holds a press conference for the benefit of some reporters. The subject is the town’s evacuation during the impending transit of some dangerous prisoners through the town.

The story is told from the point of view of the town’s cub reporter, Eddie. The character of the Police Chief, Matt Canton, is drawn as a larger than life aged septuagenarian chauvinist with a love of cigars. Although cantankerous and old fashioned it is clear that he loves the town and has its best interests at heart. The Chief describes some of the inmates who will be passing through town and their crimes to the reporters and the reader gets a sense of foreboding about what might come.

The author sets the scene well with this first volume. He hints at secrets the Chief might be keeping. He describes events in Eddie’s childhood which may later turn out to be relevant. Overall it’s a great opener that made me want to read on. I found Reprisal to be well written and the author’s strength seems to be in creating good characters. I’m looking forward to the story developing further. Another great series brought to you by Trestle Press.

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