Sunday, 14 August 2011

Convictions by Julie Morrigan

When 12-year-old Tina Snowdon and her little Sister Annie accept a lift from a stranger it proves to be a decision that alters the entire course of her life. She doesn’t realise that only one of them will be going home that night.

Convictions is a story about what happens when people take an idea too far. When a belief system takes over rational thought and logic. If I were to put Convictions into a genre I would call it a police procedural. However, I would hate myself for pigeon holing it. Frankly the book is too good to just throw into a category willy-nilly. Convictions is a thrilling read from start to finish.  It’s a tale of the bravery of one girl and the dogged determination of those that want to see justice done. The book is one that can be read on many levels. Julie Morrigan doesn’t over do it. It’s a believable novel at all times. There is no need for suspensions of disbelief the story carries you along and you are powerless to resist its charms as Julie’s narrative guides you. It’s a story of how bitterness can destroy lives. A story of how predators target and exploit the vulnerable.

Convictions is a riveting read and the most enjoyable novel I have read all year. There are some writers who you know will go on to be hugely successful. They have that little something in their writing that you know will have you coming back again and again. That indefinable spark of the storyteller that all writers aspire to attain. Some have it naturally Julie Morrigan is just such a writer.

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  1. Definitely agree with your assertions...Julie is going places!