Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Brit Grit (kindle edition) by Paul D.Brazill

Spinetingler award nominee Paul D. Brazill is a prolific writer and blogger. His short stories have appeared in a wide variety of print and online publications including the prestigious Mammoth Book of Best British Crime where he keeps company with such names as Ian Rankin, Nigel Bird, Ray Banks, Nick Quantrill, Sheila Quigley and Allan Guthrie.

Brit Grit is a collection of his short stories from the various publications. This download represents great value giving you nine hard hitting stories for under a pound. Paul’s trademark is perhaps the humour he manages to inject into his stories. Paul peppers his tales with hilarious metaphors and jokes:

Jim was as much use as a condom in a convent.

Lines like this come thick and fast in his stories. The dialogue too is dripping with good humour:

“You sound like a Shetland Pony.”
“A little hoarse.”
“Never mind.”

The characters that populate his worlds vary greatly from booze sozzled private eyes (In his Drunk on The Moon series), criminal transvestites and even a PI who is also werewolf. The antics of his many and varied characters who all have varying degrees of incompetence in the dark deeds they perform within his stories. Aside from the humour and the colourful characters Paul weaves some fantastic descriptive writing into the mix. Like a good steak dinner this collection of stories leaves you full to bursting and like a good meal you know you will never tire of it.

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