Monday, 1 August 2011

Black and Blue by Ian Rankin

Detective Inspector John Rebus once more finds his back against the wall. He juggles four cases in the hope of nailing the infamous serial killer Bible John. As if that's not enough he finds himself subject to an internal inquiry headed by a man he has just accused of being of taking back handers from Glasgow’s Mr Big – Uncle Joe.  Rebus must fight for his job and his very life. Add in bent cops, environmental protestors, gangsters and you have Rankin on his finest form. Rebus's obsessive terrier like tenacity is really highlighted in Black and Blue as are all of his flaws as he battles not only his obsession but also his addictions.

I know it’s a cliché but once I started reading this book I almost could not put it down. I’ve read a few of Rankin’s novels now and Rebus only becomes a more compelling character the more I read of him. Rankin has that rare skill of blending multiple plot lines without ever confusing the reader. A thoroughly enjoyable read that has left me clamouring for the next Rebus novel.

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