Monday, 14 September 2015

Daydreams and Devils by Robert Cowan

Robert Cowan has improved upon his excellent first novel, The Search for Ethan. He's brought something I've always hoped to convey in my own fiction - believable characters. Like his first novel this is also a coming of age novel. The story of a young band just finding their feet and trying to have fun, despite all of the fear and anxiety that performing brings.

In a separate plot strand a would be gangster is also finding his feet but for him the consequences of failure are a very real thing to be feared. His boss, Vincent, is not a patient man.

Cowan brings the plot strands together slowly, but thoroughly. There's a playfulness here that wasn't present in the first novel. The dialogue is interesting and at times very cleverly conveyed. Cowan plays about with the word structure often in a comical and entertaining way and it adds a sense of fun to the book.

There are lots of musical references and it's clear this is a particular passion of the author. In short it was a great read. The author has paid attention to the little details to bring a polished and engrossing read. A fantastic novel that can be enjoyed by all, no hesitation in rating this five stars.