Thursday, 13 November 2014

Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Thomas Sweterlitsch

Thomas Sweterlitsch has created a downbeat, dystopian vision of the near future dressed up as a whodunit. Dark from the outset, this tale follows John Dominic Blaxton, who works as a researcher in what is known as the archive. This is a virtual record of the city of Pittsburgh, which has been destroyed by a terrorist with a nuclear bomb.
John is obsessed with the archive as his pregnant wife died in the blast and he is unable to let go of the past.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow  isn't an easy read, as the prose is often detailed and this hampers the flow of the story somewhat. However, you feel more immersed in the story for the same reason. Imagine a world where there is no escape from augmented tech hard wired into your head and as you walk along adware and commercials vie for your attention.  The thought of a world like this horrifies me and I'm a self-confessed gadget geek. This   society is obsessed with fashion, images, art and sex. These are the overriding factors that come out of the page. A chilling and melancholic read at times where you know a happy ending is unlikely. An absorbing and interesting read that could well prove to be prophetic.