Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Beat On The Brat and other stories by Nigel Bird

Beat On The Brat is the second short story collection released by Nigel Bird on kindle. The author’s first collection Dirty Old Town has been one of my reading highlights of the year. Reading a short story collection by Nigel Bird is like being stuck in an alley with Freddie Krueger, Jason from Friday the 13th and Michael Myers from the Halloween movies all at the same time.  You know you’re going to get hacked to bloody pieces but you’re not sure which direction the pain is coming from. Dark characters inhabit these stories.

Those who have read Dirty Old Town will know that in the worlds Nigel creates the unthinkable happens. The author meddles with your emotions masterfully mixing in the melancholy and toying with your emotions as a cat plays with a mouse.   There are nine stories within this collection. Tales of revenge, deceit and of nasty and violent crimes. However, within most of these stories there is a small kernel of hope. Many of those that meet a sticky end deserve it.  You reap what you sew.  Nigel doesn’t preach he spins tales and treats the reader as an intelligent entity that can decide for themselves what is right, what is wrong and where the shades of grey lie. I raced through this collection as I always do with fiction that I enjoy.  Another impressive collection from the talented Nigel Bird.

Download Beat On The Brat HERE

Download Dirty Old Town HERE


  1. "Small kernel of hope." Yep, sometimes Nigel makes it so small that I have trouble finding it, but it is always there.