Sunday, 14 August 2011

Posh Girl by Jim Higo

Talented Hull poet and comedian Jim Higo has just had some publishing success. His excellent poem Posh Girl has been published in the fifteenth edition of the excellent magazline The Delinquent.

With 132 pages the magazine represents great value and frankly is worth buying for Jim's excellent poem alone. Jim Higo's poetry will surprise, shock and make you laugh sometimes all at the same time.
Jim has a keen political brain and this is often reflected in his poetry. Yet he is not just another bitter poet trying to ram home a political point. His poems come in a variety styles and guises all with one thing in common they make you think

Check out Jim's website HERE
The magazine is available for immediate digital download at only 99p HERE

You can check out The Delinquent's home page HERE
Details for people in the UK to buy a hard copy are available on the magazines home page.

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