Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Impeccant (Reprisal Volume 2) by Sam Lang

Reprisal Volume 2 Impeccant starts on the morning that the town is due to be evacuated. Everyone is in a playful mood ready for a short exciting adventure/vacation. Eddie as a reporter is naturally excited for the coming of the days events and eagerly leaves his apartment camera in hand.

This volume starts of playfully with a funny scene in the cafe which has our hero blushing like a beacon. However, as the bad weather draws in the sense of foreboding returns. The carnival atmosphere evaporates as quickly as water on a hot sidewalk. Yet again the author carefully sews into the text the idea that Reprisal has more than it's share of secrets. Sam Lang hints at events to come with some considerable skill. Eddie's musings guide the reader expertly through the narrative. Eddie remains unsettled and troubled by his vision like dream from the night before.

Eddie's research into the history of the town brings some surprising discoveries and he is left wondering about the dark events in his own past. The author has me well and truly hooked now! I await the next instalment with excitement.

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