Monday, 12 December 2011

Kick It Again by McDroll

Another great collection of stories by McDroll. Some of the tales although very short managed to capture the imagination perfectly. The first story A Straight Game started off the collection playfully with a couple of humorous characters chewing the fat in a game shop. Things soon degenerate and the tale takes a violent turn for the worse.

No More Choices the second tale is bleaker, starker and tinged in gritty realism. Desperation this time is a motivating factor for a dark deed. The Return Journey is a reflective, haunting and cleverly executed tale that is perhaps my favourite of the collection. McDroll shows a real storyteller’s eye for detail and the backdrop for this story is harsh, stark and believeable.

In The Trip the tension builds surely throughout before reaching an explosive climax.
The use of descriptive language on occasion in this collection was breathtakingly effective. Here's an example from the final tale Unrest: Military helicopters hung overhead like bulky metal dragonflies glinting in the sun.

A very enjoyable 5 star read for lovers of short fiction.

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  1. Thanks so much Darren - makes all the hard work worthwhile!