Wednesday, 28 December 2011

California by Ray Banks

 Ray Banks has done it to me yet again. A straightforward linear tale. No intermingled plot lines. No unexpected surprises. Yet once again I felt totally compelled to finish this novella in one sitting.

Banks totally captivated my attention. Ask my opinion as a reviewer how does he do it? Buggered if I know! It's just top notch and totally immersive, addictive prose. The secret I think is in the voice. His characters come out of the page at you raging and frothing in Blu-Ray 3D HD and demand your attention.

California is the tale of one man's fight to keep his cool. Of course he fails at this spectacularly and yet he is provoked time and again. The logic Banks uses to justify his characters actions is irrefutable. Banks doesn't so much tell a story as he drags you along to experience the action. An absolutely first class read.

Download California HERE

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