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Yes, we have lost our marbles! Our sanity has gone up in a flash of smoke. An offer so good it won’t be beaten.

If you purchase Nigel Bird’s critically acclaimed novella SMOKE which is on special offer at just 86p/$1.34 we will give away a PDF copy of my flash fiction collection absolutely FREE for nowt, zilch, nothing, gratis.
(This offer also works in reverse. If you purchase my own Flashes of Revenge I will send you a FREE PDF copy of Nigel's novella)

Offer ends 31/12/2011.

Here’s what some very talented people say about Nigel Bird’s Smoke:

So this is how it went for me last night. I went to bed thinking I'd make a start on Nigel Bird's brand new novella SMOKE and then hopefully manage to get some sleep in. Two hours later I was still reading. Feeling guilty that it was 3am I turned off the light, only to switch it back on at 4.30am to finish reading this superb tale about the high jinx that two young lads get up to in Tranent.”  - McDroll.

“Being familiar with Nigel Bird's bitter-sweet short-stories, I was fascinated to see how trying his hand at a longer piece would turn out. This novella is a little different from many of the aforementioned short-stories in that the writing voice is unashamedly Scottish. And brilliantly so. I think of all the UK short-story writers plying their trade at the moment, along with the inimitable Mr Paul D. Brazill, Bird is the one writer that has most successfully found a voice for the US market. That being so, I loved the fact he's returned to his Scottish roots for 'Smoke'.”  Ian Ayris.

“It's no secret for crime fiction fans that Nigel Bird is the real deal.

Smoke features all of his strengths -- complex characters, a well-constructed story and very fine writing. Working-class
comes to life here, from chip shop wars to dog fighting rings. Violence is a way of life for the characters in Smoke, which makes the moments of humanity all the richer.

Jimmy emerges as the most likable character. He's trying to rise above his disfigurement and the general s*** life he's had. I hope Bird continues to write about him.” –
Chris Rhatigan

Nigel Bird's debut novella, Smoke, is the story of a town, Tranent, and the rough edged characters that live there.

Smoke is a spin off from Bird's great story An Arm And A Leg-which was included in this year's Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime.

The main characters are Carlos, who actually lost an arm and a leg at the end of the aforementioned story and is hell bent on revenge, and Jimmy, a young kid with a good heart who has drawn the short straw in life. And they have a mutual hatred of the Ramsey brothers, who are making their fortune organizing dog fights.

Smoke is reminiscent of Allan Guthrie's Savage Night in the way it cleverly interweaves different strands of the story and its great mixture of colorful characters, absurdest humour and hard boiled crime.

It's a funny, gripping and moving book which left me desperate to read a follow up! Recommended.
Paul D. Brazill.

Download Smoke in the UK HERE
Download Smoke in the US HERE

Download Flashes of Revenge in the UK HERE
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