Saturday, 24 December 2011

Deadland,USA-Mindless Consumerism-Vol. 1

Heath Lowrance brings us the first in a new zombie series – Deadland USA – Mindless Consumerism. The more I read by Lowrance the more I enjoy his writing. He writes in a strong, clear and distinctive voice.

I know from my own efforts that Zombie fiction is a cliché ridden minefield. One has to be original or at the very least interesting to stand out from the herd. Lowrance has opted to start with interesting in this ongoing serial. A cynical, wise cracking, street smart young man is voice of the narrative in the form of a journal. This allows Lowrance to talk to his audience and add a little black humour into the mix.

There's plenty of action in this opening episode. The dialogue is excellent and believable. I'd say this is an exceptional start to a series I'm going to enjoy reading.

Download Deadland Vol. 1 in the UK HERE

Download Deadland Vol. 1 in the US HERE

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