Monday, 19 December 2011

Gun by Ray Banks

 I like to discover new authors with as few preconceptions as possible. I don’t read up on them. I don’t read reviews. I just dive into the icy waters of a new writers imagination. However, everyone I know in the crime writing fraternity, which I am new to, raves about Ray Banks. Still I bided my time and read his novella Gun when I was good and ready.

On the face of it the plot was a simple one. A guy just out of prison wants to earn some cash without the drudgery of the 9 to 5. Who can blame him eh? He runs an errand for a dodgy character that he feels owes him a favour. Things pretty much go downhill for Richie from there on in.

The dialogue throughout the story is absolutely spot on. It is never overdone nor underdone. I have discovered a great secret. The most powerful adhesive in the world: Ray Banks. Try as I might I could not put down my kindle. It was stuck fast to my hand. I was absolutely captivated. Gun had realism, grit, wit, violence and given the tone of the story, surprisingly also hope. Yes you were right my crime writing friends Banks the master has sucked in another one.

Download Gun HERE


  1. Nice review. Ray Banks is indeed amazing and GUN is one of the most solid novellas of the last year. Loved it.

  2. You know when you have a book lying around on your shelf or kindle and you keep thinking I must read that. I was like that with Gun. As soon as I had read a few lines BAM. He had me hooked.