Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Memory Game by Sharon Sant

Disclaimer: Despite the name of this blog Sharon is of no relation to me. This is an independent, unbiased review.

The Memory Game is the story of a fifteen year-old boy, David, who dies tragically before his time. The ghost of David hangs around and wonders why he hasn't moved on to wherever it is we are supposed to go to when we die. He wanders aimlessly unable to talk to anyone, a visit to his school leads him to discover that lonely, introvert, Bethany can not only see him but also talk to him. The Memory Game is the story of David and Beth's friendship.

I found this novel an enjoyable read. It was told simply, no unnecessarily over descriptiveness or redundant plot lines, so the novel had a wonderful flow to it. The story was tightly edited too, no daft typos or grammatical errors. The characters were interesting and well developed. There was a melancholy atmosphere to The Memory Game but, thankfully, it never crossed the line into bleakness. The blossoming friendship between the two main characters was sweet but never overdone, which gave it credibility. A great read suitable for all ages but that will appeal particularly to young adults.

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