Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bedlam by B.A. Morton

Bedlam held me in thrall from the very first line. The prose was deliciously descriptive, without being overdone. At times Morton's descriptive prowess gave a magical fairy tale feel to the story, yet Bedlam is a dark story. It creeps up on you, and pulls you in.

Joe McNeil's life is on the rocks. He's one drink away from being an alcoholic. The love of his life, Kit, has disappeared, nearly a year ago and under mysterious circumstances. His colleagues in the police believe she is dead, but Joe can't accept this and his obsession with finding her is destroying his career and life.

B.A. Morton teases the reader, never quite giving up her secrets. This makes for an utterly compelling read that I just couldn't put down. The run down suburb of Bedlam has a mystical feel to it and Morton is so sparse on detail this is clearly deliberate.

Bedlam is quite unlike anything else I have read in recent years. However, one thing I can say with assurance is that it is a brilliant creation. Part fable, fairy tale, and cautionary tale - make up your own mind. A brilliant read.

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