Friday, 25 October 2013

The Damage by Howard Linskey

I found The Damage to be a thoroughly entertaining novel. The author could have chosen to bring wall-to-wall violence to this gangster tale and it wouldn't have been out of place, he didn't and the story was richer for the suggestion of it. Don’t get me wrong, there is violent action but the most chilling scene in this book had no violence whatsoever. David Blake uses his brain to achieve his goals and was quite a sympathetic character, for a gangster. Howard Linskey has created a three dimensional character in Blake, a solid character who, if he doesn't meet a bloody end, I will enjoy following.

The Damage is quite a convoluted novel with a lot of detail and plenty of character names to follow, but like all good novels, it flows nicely and each revelation leaves you hungry for the next. Linskey concludes his plotlines intelligently and you never feel cheated by a short cut. A great read that has left me hooked and yearning for more of Linskey’s realistic and gritty fiction.

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