Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Buddhas of Borneo by Stuart Ayris

Buddhas of Borneo is a lovely and captivating read that fans of the author’s Tollesbury books will really enjoy. I don’t know how he does it, but Stuart’s books have a magical feel to them. He breaks all the rules and doesn’t care. If he wants to slip in a poem, he does it, if he wants to morph two words together for poetic effect then he does and it WORKS.

Buddhas of Borneo is rich in poetic imagery, thoughts and feelings. This book is based on the author’s experiences whilst travelling in the country but he allows his imagination to roam free on one or two flights of fancy. He conveys the depth of his feelings very well when he’s at the war memorial. He shows his sense of wonder at some of the wildlife. His driver and tour guide are brought life with humour and heart.

This was an uplifting read that brought a smile to my lips, I expected nothing less from Stuart Ayris.

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