Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Willow Spring Killer by Molly Edwards

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What do you do when your find your best friend of 15 years hanging, lifeless, from a rope in an abandoned school house? 
That's what Willow Spring Police Officer Josie Summerville was about to find out. When she finds blood in the abandoned school house, she has no idea what she's about to find. Or, that she's being watched. Then, a mysterious note on her front door, sets her mind into overdrive. Will she figure out the puzzle before it's to late? Or will she be the cause of another killing by the Willow Spring killer?

The Willow Spring Killer jumps straight into the action and we are faced with a dark scene almost as soon as we have cleared the first page. This is a short story that really hits the ground running.  The author cranks up the tension and within a few short pages we have more dastardly crimes being committed.

Edwards writes in a tense, descriptive and thoughtful way. She sets the scene in such a way that my appetite was whetted for the small town setting where the story takes place. Happily I will get my wish as this is the first story in a series.

A thoroughly enjoyable short story that will lead into an enjoyable, interesting and well written series. As with any short story it is difficult to say too much about the plot without giving away vital story details. I will say that if you like tense and atmospheric thrillers you could do a lot worse than download the Willow Spring Killer.

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  1. WOW! You have really made my day with this review! Thank you SO much for your enthusiasm.....behold* There is a new installment in the works! :-) Have a wonderful day!