Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Call Me Smitty - The Beginning by B.R. Stateham

About the author B.R. Stateham

From the mind of B.R. Stateham, author of Death of Young Lieutenant, comes Call Me Smitty. This is a digital short story series that is dark, violent, emotional and heart wrenching. As our story starts Smitty gets a severe dose of reality, decides to take matters into his own hands and becomes a different person. He says goodbye to one life, and begins another.

B.R. Stateham  considers himself a writer. A writer of speculative fiction.  His reading tastes run toward Fantasies, Histories, Mysteries, and Science-Fiction. But really, it doesn't matter. He’ll read just about anything. Writing, however, revolves around the four genres mentioned. 
 "My goal is to blend the modern with the old; bring more 'color' back into the art of writing--to stimulate the imagination, yet leave free enough room for each reader to paint that verbal portrait all their own.

Join me in this endeavor. Let us be stalwart heroes and walk the dark alleys and back streets of murder and mayhem together. Or soar into galaxies unknown in search of adventures unparalleled."

B.R Stateham is the author of several ebook releases. His publishing credits include Insatiable which is the fourth instalment in the highly successful Drunk on the Moon series which is the brain child of Paul D. Brazill.

Stateham has a gritty feel to his fiction.  I liked the style of this ebook right from the beginning. This first instalment starts with the birth of the character that becomes Smitty and the death of the person who was Johnny.  Betrayed by two people he held dear this drives our character to become the cold blooded killer that is Smitty.

We are given tantalising glimpses of what this series will hold by the author.  This first tale is essential a number of mini-stories that give us a good glimpse into the mind of the man with the dark eyes.  I really am a sucker for this kind of fiction and Stateham has me hooked with his dark and descriptive writing. There are several episodes of Call Me Smitty to download and enjoy and I’m going to follow Smitty’s adventures with relish as he deals death to those that deserve it.


  1. Smitty is a beaut creation and BR Stateham is a hell of a crime writer.

  2. Ah, I've enjoyed Mr. Smitty's adventures at Pulp Metal. Put this one on the list.