Monday, 3 October 2011

Diary of A Menopausal Woman by Cheryl Reid

Why I hear you cry is a 41 year old bloke reading this? Well, firstly Cheryl, the author, is a friend. Secondly almost everything I have thus far read from her, mainly poetry, is filled to bursting with wit and heart and humour. It is "real" and not contrived. However, don't let her fool you for a second! This woman is very clever with words. She plays with words for comic effect. A device she uses again and again. A device that never fails to make me laugh. She has also mastered the art of running gag that the likes of Harry Hill use so effectively. Her discussion about the distilled water that goes in irons will have you hooting with laughter.

Cheryl uses a straight matter of fact delivery to convey a lot of her humour and ideas. This is done in such a way that it injects a lot of humour and she uses language in such a way that you cannot help but chuckle. Remember this is a diary and not a work of fiction but despite this Cheryl adds heart and soul to it at every possible opportunity. This is not some bland account of endless details.

Underneath the humour is a real woman struggling through the daily grind and all that life can throw at her. If you have a heart and a funny bone you could do a lot worse than read Diary of A Menopausal Woman. A real diary from a larger than life character and a five star read. Move over Bridget Jones no one cares about your big pants Cheryl Chezza Reid is in town.


  1. Not something I'd usually go for but sounds ok.

  2. To be honest Ricky It's not something I would have bought if I didn't know Cheryl. I'm not really her target demographic. However, having gotten over that I found it to be a great read full of wit, humour and soul. I didn't find anything to dislike about it.