Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Drunk On The Moon (Vol. 5) - Getting High On Daisy by Richard Godwin

Roman Dalton wakes in a flat with no memory of how he got there. Ton Ton Macoute's men are after him and millionaire Harry Nero is engaged in kidnapping and zombification. All Roman knows is he has to find Daisy before it's too late. The only problem is, he can't remember who Daisy is.

In this the fifth instalment of Paul D. Brazill's Drunk On The Moon series Richard Godwin explores the wild, feral, sexual side of Roman. We percieve, at times, Roman for the first time more as wolf than human. With strong sexual language throughout it's not one for a pensioners book club. However, as ever Godwin's writing is a powerful and descriptive metaphorical cudgel to the head. It’s hard to pick stand out language in this fabulously descriptive short story but here are a few lines that stood out for me:

He looked at the early diners, their grey faces a pattern of weakness.

He envies him for a moment wonders what such continuity must feel like, and remembers he is what this savagery has made him.

The silver light streams across the waxed immaculate bodies of Fords.

He uses deliciously erotic language at times and whilst some (not me) might find it a tad strong it does add a kind of realism. I’d imagine that anyone who has enjoyed the tone of the rest of this series will get where Richard is coming from and enjoy it as much as I did. Wolves are after all wild and primal animals. We have discovered that werewolves too feel not only the call of hot tasty flesh but also the call of their loins.

Richard also deftly fills in some of Roman’s back story adding more flesh to the bones of this already fascinating world.

This is the second darkly erotic short story of Richard's that I have read. His blend of intelligent meaty descriptive writing is a joy to read and a great addition to Paul D. Brazil's Drunk On The Moon Series.


  1. Yep, Richard took Roman's world and gave it a dizzying spin.

  2. I wouldn't expect anything less than" deliciously erotic language" from Richard. It's great stuff :)

  3. I don't know about the "not for a pensioners book club," Daz. We here at the Randy Rogues And Whoopsie Dearie Where'd My knickers Go? Home For The Dreadfully Confused found Mr. Godwin's story very stimulating -- we're still trying to get Victoria off the weather vane and down from the roof. AWOO! Tee-hee.

  4. Darren thank you for a great review, Paul thank you for inviting me, you created the world and gave it magnanimity, Julia I am going to review yours please bear with me, you are always beautifully dark, just don't attack me with a tattoo needle in the night, second thoughts..., Bill, my friend thanks, how about a gobblin party, it reminds me of the Frank Zappa line 'baby take your teeth out one more time, let's try it again on the kitchen table'?