Sunday, 27 November 2011

Off The Record - A charity Anthology edited and compiled by Luca Veste

Available for download from today is Luca Veste’s (Guilty Conscience Publishing) charity anthology Off The Record. The proceeds from this anthology will benefit literacy charities in the UK and the US:

In the UK, National Literacy Trust:

In the US, Children’s Literacy Initiative

The many talented authors, 38 in total, were given a simple brief: Write a story inspired by a classic song title.  The result is a hugely varied line up of stories. Please show your support to this most deserving of causes. Available at only £2.29 in the UK the featured authors are:

1.Neil White - Stairway To Heaven
2.Col Bury – Respect
3.Steve Mosby – God Moving Over The Face Of Waters
4.Les Edgerton - Small Change
5.Heath Lowrance - I Wanna Be Your Dog
6.AJ Hayes - Light My Fire
7.Sean Patrick Reardon - Redemption Song
8.Ian Ayris - Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
9.Nick Triplow - A New England
10.Charlie Wade - Sheila Take A Bow
11.Iain Rowan - Purple Haze
12.Thomas Pluck - Free Bird
13.Matthew C. Funk - Venus In Furs
14.R Thomas Brown - Dock Of The Bay
15.Chris Rhatigan – Shadowboxer
16.Patti Abbott - Roll Me Away
17.Chad Rhorbacher - I Wanna Be Sedated
18.Court Merrigan - Back In Black
19.Paul D. Brazill - Life On Mars?
20.Nick Boldock – Superstition
21.Vic Watson - Bye Bye Baby
22.Benoit Lelievre - Blood On The Dancefloor
23.Ron Earl Phillips - American Pie
24.Chris La Tray – Detroit Rock City
25.Nigel Bird - Super Trouper
26.Pete Sortwell – So Low, So High
27.Julie Morrigan - Behind Blue Eyes
28.David Barber – Paranoid
29.McDroll - Nights In White Satin
30.Cath Bore - Be My Baby
31.Eric Beetner - California Dreamin'
32.Steve Weddle - A Day In The Life
33.Darren Sant - Karma Police
34.Simon Logan - Smells Like Teen Spirit
35.Luca Veste - Comfortably Numb
36.Nick Quantrill - Death Or Glory
37.Helen FitzGerald - Two Little Boys
38.Ray Banks - God Only Knows

As if that wasn’t enough there are forewords from UK writer Matt Hilton, and US writer Anthony Neil Smith.

UK Download link:

US Download link:

Find out more about Luca Veste over on his blog:


  1. Ordered my copy today, Daz. I need it for my "Brag Shelf." Otherwise nobody would believe an alley cat like me snuck in with these world class,fast track s.o.b.s

  2. Alley cats have style and grace my friend. None more so than you.

    Your modesty does you credit sir. But as the Queen often says to her hubby in the bedroom "You da man!"

  3. I and Hornsea Writers wish it well, Daz.