Tuesday, 29 November 2011

More Liverpool Five by Luca Veste

In More Liverpool Five Luca Veste's voice seems stronger and more assured than in his first excellent collection Liverpool Five. The stories in this collection are more narrative in style than in the last collection which were more reflective in nature.

It's fair to say he's found his feet and planted them firmly on Terra Nova with this collection. He's planted his flag whilst he's at it and if you were wondering his flag is red with a Liver bird on it.

His first offering Night Vision features some superb characterisation and dialogue as two heavies chew the fat before a job. A great thought train conveyed here. I suspect we may see more of at least one of these guys in the future.

The second story Time had me picturing a constantly zooming camera each shot revealing a slice of story until the conclusion. Well written with a lot of plot detail for such a short story.

Uninspired the third tale is Veste at his thoughtful, reflective best. A sad tale that shows how mental illness can creep up on us slowly and stealthily.

Fate is a chilling tale. You never know who is watching when you are out in public.

Nightmares is a sequel tale to my favourite story from Liverpool Five. Where Liverpool Five tells a story from one perspective we get the other characters story. Whilst the first tale is uplifting this first tale is a sad melancholic reflection of the times.

I enjoyed both collections and particularly the themes that Veste explores. This newcomer to the scene has hit the ground running with his own unique style. Both collections are well worth a read. I suspect Luca Veste will go on to write intense psychological thrillers, his stories show an emotional depth that I have rarely seen in the genre.

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