Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Veil of Civility by Ian Graham

With Veil of Civility Ian Graham brings us an all action page turner of a thriller. Following the terrible death of a friend former IRA man Declan McIver finds the peaceful life he has tried to build disintegrate before him. Hunted by the FBI and the police he must try to make sense of the conspiracy that surrounds him. Can Declan avenge his friend and keep his family safe?

There is a depth of descriptive prose not often found in novels of the genre and yet it still flows excellently. The characters are engaging and Graham gives all of their drives and actions purpose that makes clear sense to the reader, there’s no need to jump to wild assumptions. It’s clear that Ian Graham is an author to keep an eye on for fans of action novels. Could Declan McIver be the new Jack Reacher?

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