Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Cops of Manchester by Col Bury

There's something very satisfying about getting to grips with a short story collection. You can see a story through to the end in a relatively short bus journey and be satisfied and ready for the next. I was concerned that the author had pigeon holed himself into a relatively narrow theme but my concern was misplaced. Col Bury has delivered an interesting range of tales told from different perspectives.

The writing was descriptive and cleverly so, I never felt that anything was dragged out, so the stories flowed just as they should. As with any diverse collection there were a couple of stories that didn't really work for ME. I emphasise the me because there was nothing wrong with the writing, I was just unsatisfied with the conclusion.

A nicely rounded collection and the emphasis IS on the action. This is where Bury comes into his own. The action sequences were believable and really sucked me into the story. My favourite? Mopping Up the final story. He saved the best for last! This could easily have been a novella such was the breadth and scope of it. Well worth the money and a real treat for lovers of the crime genre.

Genre: Crime
Publisher: Ganglion Press
Format: E-Book
Rating: 5/5


  1. Hey Daz,

    Thanks so much for this fair and balanced review. You may be pleased to know that MOPPING UP is based on a 90,000 word novel that I'm hoping to place somewhere in the near future. It is the second, or possibly third, in a series, the first of which will be hopefully touted by my agent over the coming months.


  2. I liked the whole premise of the story Col. I could see potential plotlines flying all over the place. It'll make a great novel.