Thursday, 18 April 2013

Dating In The Dark by Pete Sortwell

Just lately I’ve been reading a variety of deep weighty, multi-layered novels that take a lot of concentration.  To go alongside these and take the pressure off my aching cerebellum I needed something a little lighter. Dating In The Dark provided that light relief.

Pete Sortwell’s humour often made me laugh out loud. I’d perhaps qualify that by saying that humour is a deeply personal thing and the author’s sense of humour won’t necessarily be to everybody’s taste. However, the description of Jason’s hapless attempts to find love had me chuckling over my cornflakes on many a morning.  I also enjoyed the interaction between Jason and his friend Barry who seemed intent on being a git to his buddy!  Oh, and wait till you meet Boris later on. Just whatever you do don’t get a ride in his cab!

Underneath the humour was quite a sad tale of a guy trying just a little too hard to find love. It was a well rounded story overall and it had enough sweet and sad moments to balance out the humour. If you need a laugh and to be uplifted then take the plunge into Pete Sortwell’s madcap world. You won’t want to leave!

Genre:  Humour
Publisher: Indie
Format: E-book & Paperback
Rating: 5/5

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