Thursday, 4 October 2012

Gabriel's Angel by Mark A. Radcliffe

Gabriel's Angel is an emotionally complex story.
Lead character Gabriel is frustrated and unfulfilled in his job. His relationship with his partner, Ellie, is marred by the fact that they cannot conceive. The frustrations of IVF and life make them something of a lost couple, unhappy and angry at their lot. An accident leads to Gabriel having to look closely at his life and his choices but is it too late to change things?
Radcliffe sets up similar scenarios with others characters at turning points in their lives. A deeply thoughtful novel about life, relationships, regret and the choices we must make in life. However, this is not some dry and philosophical work; Radcliffe injects humour at every turn. There is one scene that will have every man reading it wincing in pain and crossing their legs.
Along with the humour comes emotional intelligence and a great deal of humanity. This novel is wistful and melancholy in parts but never wallows in it. Gabriel's fall is essentially a tale about the human condition and the trials and tribulations we suffer.
A greatly enjoyable read that will leave you chuckling but at the same time reflective. More Mr. Radcliffe please!
Genre:  Literary Fiction
Publisher:  Bluemoose Books
Format:  E-Book & Paperback
Rating:  5/5

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