Saturday, 27 October 2012

18 Days by Allen Miles

18 Days is a brave piece of writing. Allen Miles tackles some very dark subject that would decimate any family at what should be a happy time. This novella asks such questions as: How would we cope if the worst happened? What if you gave in to your weaknesses and revelled in your grief?

The author’s concise observations and darkly descriptive prose make the novella more than the sum of its parts. A dark journey exploring human nature and perhaps also the human condition. They say the devil is in the detail and it is the small things that will affect you when reading this novella. Your coffee will go cold. You’ll forget your bacon sandwich as Miles draws you into the heart of darkness. The only question is what awaits at the end. Redemption or oblivion? A five star read because I simply could not put this down until that question was answered.

Genre:  Literary Fiction
Publisher:  Byker Books
Format:  E-Book
Rating:  5/5

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