Friday, 14 September 2012

Just Whistle by Alfie Robins

Alfie Robins entertaining novel is set in the northern city of Hull. The book starts conventionally enough. A jogger finds a body and the reader is fooled into thinking that Just Whistle will be a standard police procedural. However, Robins takes us off on a most unexpected tangent. I'm not in the habit of giving away plot points in my reviews and I won't start now but I guarantee that you WILL be surprised.

Despite some very dark criminal acts within the novel there is warmth to the characters that I found very appealing. The dialogue was also witty enough to make me chuckle at times. I could find myself enjoying these characters within a series of novels. By the conclusion the author's narrative was quite complex and I found myself wondering how it would end. I really enjoyed what Robins did with the plot, it was a brave move to make it so unconventional. A gamble that I think paid off very well. Fun to read, interesting and a page turner that will hook you and won’t let go until the finish.

Genre:  Crime
Publisher:  Caffeine Nights
Format:  Paperback and E-book
Rating:  5/5

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