Friday, 3 August 2012

The Bird That Nobody Sees by Stuart Ayris

A story of angels and anger of alienation and friendship. A novel with a serious message but which also contains plenty of good humour.  The Bird That Nobody Sees is very much a book of contrasts.  Stuart Ayris has wowed this cynical old heart yet again with his unique narrative style. He tells of unfortunate events and of how small, everyday actions have consequences. He draws attention to the beauty and cruelty all around us in everyday life.

Rod Langford finds himself as an innocent man in prison due to an unfortunate event. Already embittered due to his short stature, this darkens his heart and he plots revenge against the world and plans events that may take him far beyond the grasp of redemption. Throughout the novel Ayris plays with words and our emotions like a master puppeteer. Upon release from prison Rod begins to make a record of his plans and his darkest early morning thoughts. It seems Rod will be walking the darkest of paths. However, a chance encounter leads to friendship and there is hope for our hero yet.

Ayris speaks truths throughout his narrative, truths that we all know but never speak of. There is bravery to his writing and you feel that this author is putting his heart into his novel. If you are unsatisfied with the world or this modern age and are seeking something with depth and a hint of spirituality (not religion) then this book will strike a chord with you. I could ramble on all day about this beautifully affecting novel but I’ll end it here and give it the five glowing stars it deserves. The Bird That Nobody Sees – A ray of light in the darkness.

Genre:  Literary
Publisher:  Indie
Format:  E-book Novel
Rating:  5/5

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