Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hill Country by R.Thomas Brown

Hill Country is a good old fashioned crime caper. Gabriel Hill is left with lots of questions following the death of his drug addict brother, Mike. When some dangerous people come knocking and the gorgeous Abby seduces him Gabe finds his life spiralling out of control.

A novel full of action with a wise cracking main character. Brown injects plenty of dark humour and the story is richer for it. It seems everyone has their agenda and it involces killing Gabe. Any smart and sensible guy would run for the Hills but Gabe remains stubbornly determined to get to the bottom of the events that led to the death of his brother. With a fast pace and great dialogue Brown made this an enjoyable read from start to finish.

Genre: Crime
Publisher: Snubnose Press
Format: E-Book Novel (Also in paperback in the US)
Rating: 4/5

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