Monday, 18 June 2012

Wings by Pete Abela

Wings is an old fashioned novel and I don’t mean that in a disparaging way. A fairly simple story of Scott and his granddad, Walt. The novel starts with Scott as a young man going to visit his granddad. The story then opens up and we learn about Walt’s past. 

The author then switches between Scott’s progress in his quest to become a pilot and Walt’s exploits in Britain during the second world war. The characters are slowly developed and we learn about their dreams and aspirations. The temptation for writers these days is to have lots of twists and turns. However, you don’t get that with Wings. I particularly enjoyed reading about Walt’s development and I felt that the author conveyed very well another time period where things are so different than they are today. A novel about love, family, dreams and hopes. Pete Abela has done a marvellous job with a simple premise. His narrative is very engaging and you cannot help but like his characters. A warm novel that is a welcome break from vampires, zombies and the apocalypse!

Genre:  Literary
Publisher:  Really Blue Books
Format:  E-Book Novel
Rating:  5/5

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