Thursday, 14 June 2012

Snuff by Terry Pratchett

As Pratchett himself suggests any copper going on holiday will almost immediately be tripping over corpses. For city boy Sam Vimes, a holiday in the country is an unspeakably awful thing to have to endure. There are strange and unfathomable traditions that he must try to uphold upon pain of well Lady Sybil. When Vimes is framed by persons unknown his bloodhound nose kicks into action and hell hath no fury like a Commander messed with.

Pratchett does his usual effortless job of bringing to life his characters and weaving a wonderful plot full of humour and humanity. Vimes tackles serious issues like bigotry and injustice. Pratchett’s fantasy tale resonates with the troubles we face in the real world around us and amongst the chuckles he never lets us forget it for a moment.

A beautifully told tale full of compassion, realism and the brutality of those that believe themselves above the law. Quite simply Terry Pratchett at his very best.

Genre:  Fantasy / Humour
Publisher:  Doubleday
Format:  Hardback / Paperback / E-Book
Rating:  5/5

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