Monday, 21 May 2012

One Of Us by Iain Rowan

One of the best written crime novels I have read for some time. Iain Rowan's strength in this novel is the strong characterisation. The story is told from the viewpoint of an illegal immigrant, Anna. The novel uses her viewpoint solely to tell the story. The plotline doesn't skip around and it's a steady progression. I have in the past found this kind of linear novel to be a bit tiresome at times. However, Rowan’s strong narrative and excellent characterisation keep the novel fresh and interesting throughout. His steady insights into Anna's life are convincing and intelligently done. Rowan’s portrayal of the world she inhabits is dark and bleak but convincingly real. There is nothing predictable about this novel and the few surprises the author throws in blindsided me completely. Anna’s interactions are cleverly put and Rowan really gets us inside her thought processes with a depth I have rarely seen. This made the novel compelling and hooked me. Anna's intelligent scrutiny of the villains around her is, despite the darkness, not lacking in humour either.

A compelling glimpse into a world everyday people never see. A fantastic debut by Iain Rowan.

Genre:  Crime
Publisher: Infinity Plus
Format:  Paperback & E-book
Rating:  5/5

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