Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Cleansing Of Souls by Stuart Ayris

A Cleansing Of Souls is an unusual novel. The setting is both grounded and real but also magical and ethereal. Ayris seems to possess a magic looking glass. He presents the reader with everyday situations and then shows the truth behind them. This draws you in and you find his insights FEEL right. Ayris deals with subjects such as loneliness, regret, unrequited love, mental illness with tenderness and indeed wisdom.

A book about never losing a moment of this precious thing we call life. Other authors hint at insight and tremblingly lead you to the edge of the cliff face that is the human condition. Ayris boldy leaps off it and would have you follow smiling and yearning for more. A brave novel that will move you and will make you think. By no means a perfect novel and there are one or two loose ends but with this excellent work of literary fiction it is the journey that is of most importance. Highly recommended - for those seeking insight as opposed to action.

Genre:  Literary Fiction
Publisher:  Indie
Format:  E-Book Novel
Rating:  5/5

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