Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Ersatz World by Richard Godwin

Ersatz World is a deliciously weird novella. I expected nothing less from Richard Godwin whose writing is always different and always compelling. Ersatz World was no exception. 

Samuel is a publisher who believes that e-books are eroding literature. His wife's odd behaviour is a worry and his best selling author has gone missing. Sam's paranoia quickly descends into what feels like madness and the lines of reality start to blur.

What follows the first few chapters is something truly different and I found myself ever more bewildered and yet gripped at the same time. Godwin has a real talent for sucking you into a story and I found myself finishing this fantastic novella the same day I started it.

If you read closely enough I believe Godwin is trying to teach the reader a lesson about our gadget reliant society but do you have courage to listen? Top marks for a great read.

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