Monday, 5 October 2015

Satan's Sorority by Graham Wynd

New beginnings are tough. So it is for Sandra, dragged to a Connecticut University against her will by a disapproving Father following what is referred to simply as an incident.

Sandra is shy, quiet and naive. She's an innocent and socially awkward girl. The last place she'd feel welcome is a rowdy sorority.  However, her new room mate drags her along to choose one. She's naturally drawn to the outsiders, the mysterious Sigma Tau Nu and their beguiling sexy leader, Trixie.

Having read some of Wynd's shorter fiction I had a good idea what to expect.  I wasn't disappointed.  Dark humour, the occult, loss of innocence and sex are all themes that featured strongly in this novella. Wynd has well developed, intelligent and believable characters. The flow of the story is perfectly paced with no overly verbose passages which made all the action and tension so much more effective.

The novella is not for the faint of heart with a couple of quite graphic scenes and sexual references, but these are neither gratuitous or overdone. I read through the quickly - a sure sign that it's a thumping good read. Top marks here Wynd is a talent I'd love to read more from.

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