Thursday, 25 June 2015

Elysian Wonderland by Stuart Ayris

There's one guarantee with any novel by Stuart Ayris - it will always make me smile. Ayris is never a preacher but always a guru. Elysian Wonderland is like a fairy tale for adults.  Alice in Wonderland if you like for the tired, cynical and jaded. Stuart would be the first to admit that he keeps no strict narrative or structure to his novel, he makes up words, throws in rhyme and the result is somehow...magical.

In his latest offering a married couple worn down by the grind of normal, boring everyday life seek out a little excitement, an adventure in order to rekindle their lost spark. What they find is their inner child along with swearing hedgehogs, chain smoking gurus, a magical chef and a strange old man who cries black tiers. In short the usual Ayris magic, as I call it.

Good humour and sharp observation can be found throughout this novel alongside Stuart's true gift of making a tall tale truly entertaining. You can find the magic if you read this book with an open mind and a loving heart. Keep on keeping on Mr. Ayris you sir are a legend.

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  1. Cheers mate! Really appreciate your kind words!