Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Totalitarian Drone Groove by Jason Michel

Totalitarian Drone Groove is not so much a novel as a series of dark, I'd go as far as to say bleak, scenes. There's a dark poetry about Michel's musings that can at times hold you in thrall. The author ties together the narrative very cleverly indeed, as I found out at the conclusion. This is just the kind of experimental work that the kindle age was made for. By no means a perfect essay on the flaws of our society, and it's possible futures, but a very laudable effort. It’s an intelligent, cynical, dystopian read that is not lacking in humour. Look for the music references – Michel knows his tunes.

Michel sticks two fingers up to conventional fiction with TDG and he certainly entertained this cynical heart. Bold. Brash. Bolshy.

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