Friday, 5 July 2013

Sinema 3 by Rod Glenn

I've read the Sinema series since it was first released. Each of the three books has a very different flavour. The first book was pure slasher horror thrills and a brave piece of writing that earned the author almost as much criticism as it did acclaim. The second book was equally as bloody but saw Han killing murderous criminals as opposed to innocents.

In this, the third, novel we see Han employed by the shadowy Troy Consortium to kill only selected targets in the interests of national security. However, all is not well within the organisation and Han must face a killer as accomplished as himself. Rod Glenn knows how to write a gripping page turner. I tend to read his novels quickly as they are difficult to put down. Sinema 3 is all action and Han becomes something of a Bruce Willis type action hero as he is forced to face life threatening situations. As usual the banter is excellent and Glenn tests your film knowledge with several references. Han is still haunted by the ghosts of Haydon but will he be able to lay them to rest?

Rod Glenn has brought us another great read that I recommend highly

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