Wednesday, 18 July 2012

From A Crowded Mind by David Barber

In this slick and well edited collection of short stories David Barber uses all the tricks and tools available. Misdirection, deception, bluff and double bluff keep the reader guessing at every turn. Gritty crime tales of violence, revenge, greed, lust and murder will entertain you. Stark and realistic descriptions bring his settings to violent bloody life. Barber employs a light dusting of humour at times and fluid action to make the finishing touches to an outstanding debut collection.

My favourite? Perhaps The Stranger. The action is slick, the descriptions excellent and Barber hints at so much more to come. This collection stands out from the crowded short story marketplace. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

Genre:  Crime
Publisher:  Indie
Format:  E-Book Short Story Collection
Rating:  5/5

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  1. Thanks for the pimpage/review, buddy. It's very much appreciated. Top man!!