Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Snapshots by Paul D.Brazill

Paul D. Brazill is one of the most accomplished short story writers on the crime writing scene today. If short fiction were as popular as novels then I feel sure that he would be a household name. His wry observations on life are as accurate as a sniper’s bullet. His humour is as sharp as a butcher’s knife. His insight as deep as any philosopher’s. His tales are populated by drunks, drug addicts, ne’er-do-wells, hitmen and even werewolves. Musical references pepper these stories giving a satisfying grin to the music lovers among us.

This collection is called Snapshots and that is exactly what you get, glimpses into other lives. The author shines a light into the dark corners we dare not explore in reality. Here are some “Snapshots” from some of the stories:

FLASH A man surveys the Warsaw skyline from a glass lift.
FLASH an accountant looks up worriedly from a record store counter, his concern worn like a mantle.
FLASH A tattooed escaped convict beats a victim black and blue.
FLASH A stunningly beautiful woman slams a wedding ring down upon a bar top.
FLASH A man falls drunkenly into a fountain in Sol.
FLASH An old man clutches a bottle of whisky and bitterly considers what might have been.
FLASH A shabby Santa pees against a scraggy Christmas tree.
FLASH A girl with a scarred face and a club foot climbs a staircase with revolver in hand.
FLASH A woman and a man in a bar idly chat, flirting. One of them has murder in mind.
FLASH an angry man waves a shotgun around in a kebab house.
FLASH A man with a gold amulet in his hands looks over a grassy knoll with a knowing expression.
FLASH an ancient man with an evil expression grips a shredded teddy bear.
FLASH A man hides his former sins beneath a mask of respectability, unaware that his past is catching up with him.
FLASH A woman unknowingly posts an envelope that will seal the fate of another man.
FLASH A couple of idiots try to dispose of a body with hilarious consequences.

Snapshots is a great value collection with dark humour the order of the day. A highly recommended collection from the leader of the Brit Grit pack.

Genre:  Crime
Publisher:  Pulp Metal Fiction
Format:  E-Book Short Story Collection
Rating:  5/5


  1. One of the most readable crime authors around. I find his stories have an addictive quality.

  2. Thanks very much for that cracking review. Makes ME want to read the book!

  3. Now that you are officially dubbed leader of the Brit Grit pack you have to wear a leather jacket at all times.

  4. The Daz and The Braz. Beloved Leaders of our community of insane geniuses. Snapshots is right at the top of my list. thanks guys.

  5. Cheers all, ta for all of your support.