Monday, 12 March 2012

Uncle Mildred And Other Stories By Ian Ayris

Ian Ayris is a supremely talented writer whose work I have followed for over a year now.  Uncle Mildred and Other Stories is a collection of his short stories that have been published all over the internet at some of the best online magazines and fiction sites. As with any collection this varied it’s tough to write an effective review, such is the range of stories on offer to the fortunate reader.

If you need further reason to buy this book I’d like to point out that this is also a charity collection. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to Cancer Research UK and The Breast Cancer Charities of America.

To whet your appetite I’ve said a little about each of the excellent stories:

Uncle Mildred:
The feel of a 70s coming of age story with a crazy psychedelic twist!

Surf Rider:
No one knows where the Surf Rider's mind is at but you don't mess with the board man. Never mess with the board.

A fable like tale of betrayal, loneliness, isolation and especially of things left unsaid.

A story about invisible chains that bind. Our cages of convention and the silent institutionalisation. Beautifully melancholic from start to finish.

Twenty-One Margoyles Street:
A chill like the breath of the reaper runs through this tale. Just desserts are served in many forms.

Small Print:
Always read it or there could be dire consequences...

There Is A Lake In A Wood:
A story of dreams unfulfilled with a surprising sting in the tale.

This story hits you like a baseball bat to the head. Give it some thought and you come to realise just how much intelligent social commentary the author’s tales contain.

Hard Times:
Our loveable hitman Charlie Splinters is practically a public service, as we discover in this sad tale.

A dark tale that nicely highlights why it can dangerous to look down on others.

By The Dim And Flaring Lamps:
Both disturbing and at times beautifully descriptive. You feel his pain. A masterful juxtaposition of two themes.

A deliciously ironic tale. Had it been a tad lighter it could have been penned by the late great Douglas Adams.

The Argument Bunny:
So believable it's utterly chilling...

The Rising Of Len Munch:
A quick trip to a grey purgatory. The life and times of the Jonah known as Len Munch.

Brutal. A trip to the heart of darkness with glimpses of nirvana on the other side.

Buy this collection not just for the charity aspect. It’s a hugely entertaining and frankly brilliant collection of Ian's short fiction. The strength of voice in Ian's characters brings them to life. You’ll fall in love with short stories all over again.

Genre: Crime Fiction
Publisher:  Indie
Format:  E-Book Short Story Collection
Price:  £1.53
Rating: 5/5

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