Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Opportunity Knocks & Beyond Reason by Craig Douglas

Opportunity Knocks
Dave Cresswell is old school. A brawler who knows his place and his standing within his social circles. Woe betide anyone who messes with him. Yes, of course, someone eventually does but is Dave in as much trouble as he thinks?

Craig Douglas once more impresses me with this well written character piece. A very strong voice from the outset Douglas has really gotten into the mind of his character which adds to the story greatly. A cracking short read.

Beyond Reason
George is disconnected from reality. We are given strong hints of religious fervour in George's character. His mother seems to also be a zealot. Craig Douglas uses short descriptive passages written by George to get us inside the characters head.

A fascinating short tale. Is it about mental illness? Is it about alienation? Is it about inspiration? I'll leave you to decide what the author's message is. However, I can promise you a great short read with a unique feel to it and some excellent descriptive writing.

Genre:  Crime
Publisher:  Indie
Format:  E-Book Short Stories
Price:  Both at 77p
Rating:  Both 5/5

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