Sunday, 18 September 2011

Reprisal Part 3 - Shadow Boxing by Sam Lang

Trestle Press author Sam Lang sets the scene for the Reprisal series nicely with the first two episodes: Making Plans, Making Memories (Reprisal) and Impeccant (Reprisal).  This third episode switches over to another setting, the Edgar King Federal prison. Unlike Impeccant that was playful in parts this third instalment is dark throughtout but also atmospheric as we get a glimpse inside a killers mind.  We are introduced to prison inmate Devin “De’Light” Lighter. A nasty piece of work who finds himself with an unexpected visitor.

Another enjoyable episode of this serialisation. I am looking forward to the next thrilling episode. As with any multi-part story this is building slowly, patience is required just enjoy the ride as Sam Lang slowly builds the tension.

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