Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Drunk On The Moon: It's A Curse (Story 7) by K.A. Laity

I had a fever. Cold sweat stood out on my forehead like molten lava. I shuddered involuntarily. A need to feast consumed every fibre of my being. My nerve endings coursed with need throbbing, pulsating, and yearning. My unholy desire must be quenched. My lust MUST be sated. My fingers jangled on the keyboard as with expert strokes I opened a screen and behold. There it was filling my screen craving my attention:
Drunk On The Moon by K.A. Laity.
Like any true addict I was only too happy to oblige. I clicked download with 1-Click and my need was fulfilled. All was well with the world.

K.A. Laity brings us a contender for my favourite of the Drunk On The Moon stories. I have read nothing by Laity prior to this and so I did not have any preconceived expectations. What she brought was an exceptionally strong voice to the character of Roman. There is less action in this episode than some of the others and yet I felt totally fulfilled with the story. Laity has done Paul D Brazill’s creation justice with this tale.  Snappy dialogue, great one liners and a larger role for Duffy all helped make this an episode I could really get my teeth into. I’m not going to define it any clearer than that, other than to say that Laity has tuned into Paul’s creation perfectly. It’ll be my pleasure to give this howling good read 5 silver tipped stars on Amazon.

Download Drunk On The Moon: It's A Curse HERE