Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Torc of Moonlight by Linda Acaster

Torc of Moonlight is the story of student Nicholas Blaketon and his obsession with pale and introverted Alice Linwood. 

Nick returns to Hull University after the summer break and things are pretty downbeat. His girlfriend has left him. His housemates have nothing in common with him and if his grades don't improve he'll be out of university on his ear. A rugby injury leaves him angry and aggressive and he alienates his few remaining friends. Add to this his increasingly erratic behaviour and it's clear Nick has a problem.
When he spots Alice in a lecture he is immediately drawn to her. Strange other worldly events soon begin to unfold.

Torc of Moonlight is no light snack it's a gourmet meal. Acaster weaves rich descriptive language into the plot. She seasons with diverse and interesting historical detail.
Spice is added with an arrogant and ancient spirit hell bent on revenge.

I've always been fascinated with sacred places and the author compelled me to want to explore these in more depth. It's clear that she knows her subject. She weaves in several plot strands and the characters are interesting and well developed. However, this is no light read. The plot nuances are subtle and you have to give this book your full attention. If all you want is action, violence and explosions then this one is probably not for you. 

An intelligent, interesting and well researched novel that was a pleasure to read.

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